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Malaika Secret Moksha aims to be a homebase for the locals and expat community, a place where we are reaching out to countless people and developing new ideas for a greater and better world which centers on healthy food, music, dance, health, friends, family and lovers.

Welcome Home.

Our mission is to provide our customers an opportunity to achieve well being in all areas of their life; that is to experience wellness in the Body, Mind, and Soul. Many “health conscious” people are so caught up in the web of their particular dietary regime that they have lost the ability to listen to what their body is telling them. Our restaurant features organic and living cuisine offering comfort food with delicious flavors & sustainable ingredients.

Malaika Bali is an oasis – a gourmet, culinary retreat that relaxes, heals and rejuvenates beyond belief. Our restaurant offers food which is comprised of some of the rarest, healthiest & exotic ingredients found on earth and combined to form the elegant, innovative dishes that have been celebrated as some of the very best found on the paradise island of Bali. We love to share our concept with like-minded people through our retreats, classes & workshops.

At Malaika Secret Moksha Restaurant, you will always be served fresh, delicious organic food. We use wholegrains, unrefined oils and fresh healthy product bought right from the farm to your table. Everything served is home-made, organic, gluten-free, living food. Experience genuine healing and rejuvenation with our holistic cuisine based on the traditional Hindu beliefs which take you back to nature.



Monday - Sunday 
11am - 11.30pm

The place to be for real connection for your mind, body & soul.

Jalan Danau Poso No.68

Sanur, Bali

Tel: +62 812 3834 1000

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