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Our Mission

The health of the physical body is very dependent on the health of the emotional body. We all have hidden emotional wounds. These emotional wounds create energy blockages in the body which over time manifest as “disease”.

Re-connecting to our physical body is the crucial first step in the healing process because it is the gateway to re-connect to our emotions which allow our deep emotional wounds to surface. As those emotional wounds begin to surface authentic emotional healing can take place. This then allows true, authentic and sustainable healing of the body. This healing also creates a miraculous opportunity to be present, to get in touch with Who and What we really are – Spiritual Beings with infinite Power, Love, and Wisdom.

Food and the eater: that is the extent of the whole world.

– Brhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad, 1.4.6

Malaika Secret Moksha strives to facilitate that first and essential step of re-connecting with our bodies. We do this simply by providing nutritious, organic and living food that is made with Love as well as providing a safe and healing environment in which to enjoy that food. Once we re-connect with our bodies we can then begin the healing journey which leads to true Personal Transformation in every aspect of our lives. We welcome, embrace and celebrate your willingness to take this journey with us.


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